Transportation Planning

NACOG coordinates with the ADOT, local governments, and non-profits in the four-county region through data collection, priority programming, funding opportunities, liaison, coordination, and technical assistance services.  

Highway Planning and Research:
 NACOG coordinates highway planning in Region III, serving largely as a liaison between ADOT and local governments, where major activities include:

  • Data Collection
    • provides information to ADOT on roadway mileage under local jurisdiction in the region
    • collaborates with local governments to submit building permit data for developing population estimates through participation in the State Population Technical Advisory Committee (POPTAC)
    • represents the region in establishing population estimates and projections
  • Priority Programming - NACOG works with local jurisdictions to:
    • identify state and federal funding sources for highway construction projects and to add routes to the appropriate Federal Aid System.
    • prioritize project requests in the region for state and federally funded programs.
    • monitor progress of project development
    • manage a Regional Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)
  • Liaison and Coordination/Technical Assistance

Transit Planning and Mobility Management:
NACOG facilitates regional transit planning activities to meet the growing demans of transportation for seniors, individuals with disabilities, and general public in rural population centers.  Activities include, but are not limited to the following: 

  • coordination and review of transit funding applications
  • management of the regional human services/public transit plan
  • regional resource allocation planning
  • travel training
  • cultivating partnerships and multi-agency relationships to facilitate rides for citizens
  • coordinating community-wide networking and coordination meetings
  • providing technical assistance and resources for partners in the NACOG network


Northern Arizona Provider Directory
Regional Transportation Improvement Program
Regional Human Services & Public Transit Coordination Plan
ADOT Coordinated Mobility Grant Program
Rural Transportation Advocacy Council (RTAC)

For more information on Transportation Planning, please contact:

NACOG Transportation Planning
Attn: Jason Kelly, Program Manager
3130 Robert Rd. Ste. 1
Prescott Valley, AZ 86314
(928) 830-0127
(928) 679-4250 FAX


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